Cairo, Georgia to North Carolina

Last night Pastor Wiseheart came to me about 5pm and told me a meeting had opened up North Carolina, in Mooresville. So, after the meeting last night at Hilltop Baptist Church I got back to the cabin I shared with the other missionaries and packed up.

Early this morning I got on the road and headed for Greenville, SC. It worked out that I would have the chance to stop by Greenvilles where Carrie is staying. It was such a blessing to know I would have the opportunity to see my family for a little while.

Anyway, I got on HW 319 and headed for Tifton, Georgia. From there I got the I75 up to Atlanta and then the I85 to Greenville. Carrie had no idea I was coming so she was surpised when I pulled up.

Just on the side, I have now driven about 1000 miles on the wrong side of the road and am just about used to it. πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I will head up to be with Pastor Leroy Dalrymple. I will be in two churches near Mooresville and will head back down to Valdosta sometime next week.

We had good services at Hilltop Baptist with Pastor Scoggin. All the missionaries sang "I Have Decided" together for one verse then they all sing it in their native language. As English is mine I just sing once. πŸ™‚

Bro. Jun from South Korea gave his testimony and then I preached from II Corinthians 5. The Lord gave freedom and the pastor gave me time, its a good combination.

Things are continuing to go well and the Lord is blessing.

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