Dothan Baptist Church – Dothan AL

Yesterday we arrived in Dothan and got things set up in out hotel. Up until now we have stayed in "Prophet’s Chambers" but here we are in a hotel.

Last week the Lord provided me with a laptop which came with wifi. This means that in this hotel I have a wireless broadband connection and can get in touch with some friends and family. It has been a blessing, productive, practical and fun!

Bro. Tlong and I went to Dothan Baptist Church last night and we met Pastor Jerry Turner. He made us feel very much at home and as a preacher I felt very comfortable in his pulpit. The members in the church were also very welcoming and we had a good time of fellowship.

A great blessing and source of great fellowship has been the Jones family. Anthony and Jennifer Jones are about the same age as Carrie and I. Like us they are recently out of college, recently marriage and they are expecting their first child. We have been able to relate to each other in so many ways and the Lord has used them in my life.

Today they came by the hotel and we sat in the hotel lobby for a while just talking. I thank the Lord for them and trust the Lord will enable us to stay in contact when I leave here Sunday.

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