Valdosta to Cummings GA to Greenville SC

On the way home last night Jun Seung Lee finalised plans to visit with his wife and two daughters in Cummings, Georgia. He has not seen them in about three weeks and is leaving for Montana for a few weeks on Wednesday. The Lord worked it out for me to drive Jun up to his family Monday morning. It was about a 4 or 5 hour drive. I dropped him off and headed home to Greenville to see Carrie and Ashleigh.

After another 2 hours driving I arrived and we had a wonderful evening together as a family. I am so grateful to the Lord allowing me these opportunities to see my family. Some of the guys I am travelling with will be away from their families for almost 4 full months by the end of their trips.

On Tuesday I loaded up the van and headed back to Valdosta. It takes about 7 hours each way but it is worth it to spend just a few hours with Carrie and Ashleigh. This next couple of weeks will be long as there will be no opportunity to get back to them. Remember us in prayer and feel free to e-mail us any time.

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