An Evangelist at the Door

Yesterday evening I noticed several men and women walk past our home toward the end of our road. They were dressed in suits and smart clothing and carrying what looked like Bibles. Recently the Jehovah's Witnesses have been very active on our street. (Thank the Lord so too has the local Baptist church.)

My first thoughts yesterday was that the JW's were back again. So, I got my study notes on the JW's that I used in a message recently and put them by the front door. I also printed off 80 tracts from The Tracts are simply entitled "Warning". They give basic information about the fallacies of the JW's and Mormons and then give the true Gospel. Every statement is backed up with references. I would highly recommend it.

 Anyway, after several had walked down the road I heard what sounded like open air preaching. I stepped out of the house as the tracts finished printing to hear what was being said. As I listened I realised they were not any cult, but were Christians preaching a sound, Biblical Gospel! It was thrilling to hear and I praised the Lord for it.

 About 45 minutes later an older gentleman came to the door and offered me a tract. I explained I was a born again Christiand and thanked him for the tract. We stood talking for about ten minutes. It turns out they are from a local Gospel Hall. Mr Greer, the gentleman, lives about two minutes from our home and is familiar with our church and the former pastor, Tom Fittis.

By the end of the conversation I had given him a bundle of the "Warning" tracts and my study notes on the JW's and Mormons! Mr Greer was an encouragement and blessing to me and I truly praise the Lord to know others are out there proclaiming the Gospel!

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