Trip to Ballycastle

A couple of weeks ago we went out as a family to spend some quality and quantity time together. Working from home as I do there is the constant pull to look at projects and jot down ideas. So to ensure a work free day and to focus on family we drove two hours north along the Antrim Coast.

We drove up the coast road heading for the Causeway, though we only made it as far as Ballycastle. Here are a couple of pictures of the view on the way up.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the long-haired beasty in the pictures below. 

We enjoyed walking around one of the small towns on the way up and walked through a car boot sale. It always amazes me what some people try to sell! Then it amazes me that some people buy it! You can almost guarentee no matter how old, damaged or plain useless something is, someone will give you money for it.

Ashleigh enjoyed being on the beach for the first time, though she could not figure out why she could not eat the pebbles. She also had her first icecream cone!

We played on the grass for a while which Ashleigh was a little more comfortable with. Though she did try to eat the daisys.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to spend time together, and most of all that we have each other.


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