Support Update – April

God has continued to work on our behalf and this week we heard of a church in the US that has decided to take us on for support! It is an exciting development as we have never visited this church, though they have received our information and had a recommendation from Pastor Fittis.

This weekend I am away in Wales for meetings in two churches. In the morning I am in Tonyrefail and in the evening I am with Paul Jones in Ynyshir.

The weekend of May 7th my family and I will travel to visit with the Galbraiths in Aberdeen.

We potentially have two meetings in England in the coming months but that has to be confirmed.

Our plans for a trip to the US continue and I am busily making phonecalls to the US trying to secure meetings.

We appreciate your prayerful support for us as continue the ministry at Faith Baptist Church and as we endeavour to raise our support level.

Support level currently: 48%

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