Deputation Trip – England

The coming few weeks look busy, but good! On Thursday 6th July we fly to England and will make our way to Pastor Messersmith of Trinity Free Baptist Church. God willing we will visit with West Basingstoke Baptist on Sunday 16th. Please pray that we will be able to convey our burden and ministry to these churches!

We thank God for enabling us to make this trip and providing a vehicle while we are there. My parents have a van they have made available for us and we thank the Lord for them and it. God has provided men to preach at Faith Baptist Church while I am away and I praise Him for that also.

In between visiting with these churches we will stay with my parents in England for a few days. It will be good to see our family and we look forward to them seeing how much Ashleigh has grown.

When we get back we have 5 weeks left before leaving on a 2 month deputation trip to the USA. Please pray that this trip will go smoothly and bring in the remainder of the support we need.

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