Friend’s Service, New Members and Da Vinci

On Friday our teens had a special study defending the attacks made by the Da Vinci. Though Dan Brown brings out nothing new he has written a "credible" fiction and many people have already been decieved by its claims.

The study focused on three main areas:

1. The Authenticity of Scripture
2. The Deity of Christ
3. The Relationship Between Christ and Mary Magdalene

Such attacks have been made since the birth of the Church, but each generation needs to be prepared for the form in which the attack will take place. The teens listened well and we hope that rather than a stumbling block, this flim and book will be an opportunity to share the Gospel.

I will probably post my thoughts on the Da Vinci code in a different post…

On Sunday morning a young couple who have attended Faith for the past year formally joined the church. We were all encouraged and look forward to seeing how the Lord will use them further.

Sunday evening was our "Friends Service." Gareth and Derek gave their tesimony and I finished the evening with a brief Gospel message. Though we only saw one visitor everyone was blessed and challenged by the testimonies and I hope will be spurred on to witness more and more.

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