A Wedding, Snow and the Lord’s Day

On Saturday we went to our friend's wedding! You can see they love each other very much. God willing the honeymoon will not fade away as it seems to so often. In many marriages the one a person used to adore and cherish is taken for granted and something seems to be lost. Kind looks and loving smiles are replaced with jokes about watching football and burning the dinner. Anyone who knows me will know that I enjoy jokes. But when one replaces the other it is sad.

However, these two have started out right. They love the Lord and are excited about their new life together!

On Sunday, April 9th, we had snow! How can we get snow in the middle of April? April showers we expect, but "wintry showers" as they call them on the news does not seem natural. They promised me that global warming would give the UK a Mediterranean climate… it looks like they got that prediction wrong!

On Sunday morning I finished our series on the Messianic Psalms. In Psalm 118:20-29 we see prophecy of Christ as the Cornerstone and the cries of those who would shout, "Hosanna, blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord!" In the first advent they did proclaim this, but their worship was only skin deep. Days later the ones who cried "Hosanna" instead cried "Crucify Him!" God help our worship and service come from the heart. In this chapter we saw

I. Hosanna in the Highest (Psalm 118:26 & Matthew 21:1-11) The Offering of the King
II. The Headstone of the Corner (Psalm 118:22 & Matthew 21:33-46) The Office of the King
III. The House Left Desolate (Psalm 118:26 & Matthew 23:37-39) The Absence of the King

Sunday evening we looked at John 12:

I. The Son of Man – 23-26
· The Deity of the Son of Man (23)
· The Death of Christ and of Self (24-25)
· The Dedication of Christ’s Servants (26)

We had good numbers in the morning but attendance was down in the evening.

On the whole we had a good weekend. Ashleigh has continued to sleep well. Though the temperature feels more like December conditions, we do have beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies!

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