Ashleigh Slept All Night!

Ashleigh Slept All Night!

We may have a little celebration at lunch time today – Ashleigh slept through the night! She has done it once or twice before, but it has been a long while. In fact, the last few nights have been some of the worst. We think it was a combination of teething, a cold and a little wind! However, last night she went from 8pm until 6am this morning! We really do thank the Lord for a night's sleep.

It has been a hard few days for Carrie, so I got Ashleigh up this morning and got her breakfast. I am continuing her staple diet of Weetabix and Marmite! Marmite, that wonderful source of vitamins and iron!

On a more serious note. It is a blessing to have had a full night's rest. Any parent will no doubt know how hard it can be to study when tired. The Lord gives grace, but when the Lord gives plenty of sleep that helps too!

Tonight we have our Beacon outreach. It has taken much longer than anticipated due to some of the men falling ill and poor weather. But we know the Lord controls all things and He has a reason for us to still have Beacons even now. An online version of our Beacon is available on the church website:

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